Into-Me-See Part 2 CD Series

“Intimacy is the prerequisite of happiness. It begins with a desire for connection. There can be no meaningful connection with others if a person has no revelation of their true self. The potential for great relationships with others starts with a great relationship with God and self.

Intimacy is a revelation of your true self being known by another and seeking to know the true self of another. It is the essence of closeness that a person feels by feeling connected and understood by another.

Intimacy happens inside of us, before it happens outside of us. It stems from a desire to understand ourselves and be open with that understanding with others about...

Our strengths and our weaknesses, our gifts and our limitations, our abilities and our liabilities, our purpose and our pain, our successes and our failures, our potential and our shortcomings, our faith and our fears, our holy and our unholy, our bright side and our dark side, our bests parts and our worst parts, our confidences and our insecurities, our dreams and our doubts...

To be intimate with another person we must first be willing to share our TRUE SELF with that person. One of the greatest gifts you can give someone else is to allow a person IN-TO-ME-SEE and allow that person INTO your spirit, heart, soul, mind and body.

Author Matthew Keely says, Intimacy requires that we allow another person to discover what moves us, what inspires us, what drives us, what eats us, what we are running toward and what we are running from, what silent self-destructive enemies lie within us and what wild and wonderful dreams we hold dear in our hearts.”

Intimacy is at the heart of God with us and for us. He seeks to be sought by us, because He seeks to be with us! He wants to be loved by us, because He so loves us. He wants us to be close to Him so that the purpose for which He placed us on the earth to be accomplished in us and through us with the Alignments that He has ordained for us will happen!”

Keith A. Craft

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